The Findings: Analysis of Larionov and Goncharova Works from Museum Ludwig Collection

We are pleased to present you the findings from Art Analysis & Research (AAR) and Museum Ludwig Conservation and Archives team on the analysis of 14 artworks of two Russian avant-garde artists – Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov. In 2017 we awarded a grant to Art Analysis & Research (AAR) to work with Museum Ludwig in Cologne to conduct scientific analysis of these works. Following our mission to disseminate the knowledge gained as the outcome of our funded projects, we are giving open access to wider audiences to the detailed reports that can be downloaded from our website. Please click here to see the reports and an overview of the findings.

Dr. Konstantin Akinsha, Chair of Trustees at RARP, said,

Goncharova and Larionov are hugely important figures in the Russian avant-garde movement. By setting new standards for interdisciplinary research – establishing a dialogue on how archival material, art historical research and scientific art analysis can be used as integrated tools – we hope to set an example of research standards. By implementing these standards, we can demonstrate what is possible to achieve and thereby, to stimulate an international dialogue in the community of museums, scholars and collectors involved with this school of painting. The cooperation of Art Analysis & Research and the Museum Ludwig brings a great range of expertise to this endeavour.

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