Digitisation of State Tretyakov Gallery Archives

Natalia Goncharova. Self-Portrait with Yellow Lilies. 1907-1908.

RARP signed a partnership agreement with Tretyakov Gallery today that would lay the foundation for digitisation of Larionov and Goncharova archives from the Gallery’s collection. The archives of the leading Russian avant grade artists will be scanned, footnoted, and uploaded to a database that should be available to audiences around the world from 2018.

Evgenia Iliukhina, curator of the Tretyakov Gallery, who will be selecting the works to be scanned and creating footnotes for those, said:

Scanning of Larionov and Goncahrova archives, on the one hand, will give access to the epistolary heritage of the artists to scholars and researchers, who do not always have the opportunity to physically come and study the archives in the Manuscript Department of the State Tretyakov Gallery, and to wider audiences, who are interested to find out something new about the art and personalities of Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova. On the other hand e-versions of documents give an opportunity to preserve the originals better, as they do not need to be “disturbed” as much. We are also very pleased that the beginning of this project coincided with 135th anniversary of Mikhail Larionov.

This project marks the beginning of a long and fruitful journey of RARP work to disseminate the knowledge about Russian avant grade art across the world.